An Unexpected Change

Three codes were found hidden in the An Unexpected Change post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 381151434509433943461145465257314611065346450337

[2] 204-255-000-178-236-093-000-020-168-118-255-122-044-022-008-255-222-173-019-136-008-179-139-109-080-200-120-220-220-220-110-127-128-255-064-064-239-204-000-197-179-088-228-113-122-100-084-082-218-145-000-255-000-255-101-067-033-236-213-064

[3] bguvrytrhdbgtrqdyhtwonrwfxyhsskz

Code #1


48 numbers, nothing pointing to decimal. Pairs range from 00 to 53.

[hint]You’ll NeEd 2 fInd THe iNDex==[/hint]

Code #2


60 numbers ranging from 000 to 255.

[hint]Hope you know the right names for the colours of the rainbow[/hint]

Code #3


32 letters, go through your normal routine of ciphers.

[hint]Felix Delastelle might give you a hand[/hint]