Ingress Report – Inspired and Inspiring Agents – May 12 2016

Three codes were found in the annotations of the May 12 Ingress Report

[1] 2vvcbla26msiyelwjo

[2] yy xy yx xx yy xx yx xy xx yy xx yy xy xx yx xx xx xy yx xy yx yx xx yx xx yy xx xy yx xy yx yy yy yy yy yy xy yy xx

[3] alignment3qh24up8

Code #1


Only 3 numbers but there are Vs and I which could make a roman numeral.

[hint]New keyword was introduced with that code[/hint]

Code #2


39 pairs. Think of how you can divide them up.

[hint]A blind person could get that one[/hint]

Code #3


Everything you need is there, just enter it in the scanner.