An Engineered Escape

Within the intriguing An Engineered Escape post on the Investigate Ingress blog, there was this time only two codes hidden in the source.

[1] iuczvtotqaxnzticbol
[2] 5554%e%7f%%^f5555e^9515b5%5b%5%@f$535e5&f$g(5%%d51%%%f%@55f$%457f$53

Code #1


This code has a length of 19 characters, so that excludes rectangles from the start.
No explicit numbers or things that we could make numbers in all the right positions, so we’ll probably need some cipher first.
When running this code through the normal initial checks, there is something that draws our attention.

Code #2


We have a range of numbers, letters and symbols.
Since there were only two codes hidden in the sourcecode, it is safe to assume that this code might contain two different passcodes.
Part of the <span> tag where this code was hidden, we have a hint of font-size: 3px;.

We also notice a lone HTML encoded character in the string: &amp; is the HTML encoding for &