PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 8, 2016

Within the post PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 8, 2016 over at the Investigate Ingress blog, there were three codes hidden inside the html source.

[1] bSnRrIcAnSrFbTtPoPiBaLmTbSrF
[2] 2UOZ9-61dzc-60X20-W5C9N
[3] 1320p2218z1319214210919l12y20j0908

Code #1


We see a pattern of lowercase followed by uppercase.
In the given order it does not point to anything specific, the normal ROT, Atbash, etc do not give anything useful and Base64 doesn’t match (That normally starts with M, N or O).

Code #2


We see what seems to be a valid prefix and suffix, but the middle two sections seem out of place.

Code #3


A mixture of lots of numbers and only 5 letters.
This points to converting what we have into something more useful first.
Due to the placement of the letters, I am thinking that ROT and Atbash won’t give something useful.
But the start looks like something that we had already considered for this batch of codes.