Mission in San Diego: Accomplished

3 codes where found hidden in the HTML of the Mission in San Diego: Accomplished post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] xruofqhgiezruatonimerhtezherht

[2] 5b3a45a4b3b32c51db32cc25a4a4a4d1c22cc24ac2d15b3a4d15a4c2c2

[3] h5169d89a65527g7a57695fa282

Code #1


We see characters that could spell numbers.

[hint]Look for the hidden srebmun[/hint]

Code #2


We see numbers and letters.  Ranges seem limited and some combinations seem to repeat.

[hint]It’s not hex.  Note the limited range of numbers and letters. Except for the 5’s, we can group in pairs.  What do you notice about the value of the pairs.[/hint]

Code #3


We see a jumble of numbers and letters.  Letters are not valid for hex.

[hint]Separate the letters from numbers.  Convert for the keyword[/hint]