Top Line Report: San Diego Intel Mission

3 codes where found hidden in the HTML of the Top Line Report: San Diego Intel Mission post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] cccfchchcfahaiacbcbfcdabcebebfcdadahaibh

[2] uk4ruh8r8t8teyez

[3] 6983098964768885779162966598

Code #1


We see a set of limited alpha characters.

[hint]It may be easier to dial with numbers[/hint]

 Code #2


Has all the elements of a passcode.  A keyword can be found.  Appears to be a rearrangement of sorts.

[hint]Sometimes the keyword is found divided[/hint]

Code #3


This code is nested withing <SPAN> tags which may offer some hints:

<span style="font-size: 1px; letter-spacing: -1px;">6983098964768885779162966598

[hint]The numbers looks close to decimal range.  Perhaps we should apply the SPAN hints (-1, +1)[/hint]