A Mission in San Diego

Three codes were found hidden in the A Mission in San Diego post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 2bqa7mlmztu2b4p

[2] ohodwxfsxnysxndsiqfdc

[3] wwkugrdgwuwdkugswdwgordswgdrkwurkgwskd

Code #1


It has the right passcode format, go through the usual set of tools (atbash, rot, morse…) to try to find the answer.

[hint]If your a gamer you’ll see were you need to Link[/hint]

Code #2


Again, go through your normal routine of atbash, rot, morse… to see what you can get.

Code #3


Nothing special to notice. High level letters could mean binary RLE, again, go through your normal routine for all letter code.

[hint]This one uses 2 ciphers, you’ll need to feel your way through all the bumps[/hint]