Not Always

3 codes where found hidden in the HTML of the Not Always post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] sixhppupnjajydbyttlbpaaaxlu

[2] <span style="font-size: 2px; letter-spacing: -2px;">05/19/6/37/-13/6/19/39/-10/31/-8/29/3/36/-19/11/11/27/3/29/-17/28/-19/19/6/37/-4</span>

[3] <span style="display: none;">yown/wbeb/pjwr,limp</span>

Code #1


A spelled number and then gibberish.

[hint]That six is the Key to the answer[/hint]

Code #2


All numbers, some values are too high to be numbers to letters and those negative values just won’t work. There is a hint with that Font size 2px -2x

[hint]Get your calculator and start crunching those number[/hint]

Code #3


Looks like groups of 4 but that would mean that the delimiter is changing value between / and , which doesn’t really make sense.

[hint]Mirror mirror on the wall…[/hint]