A Form in the Fire

3 codes where found hidden in the A Form in the Fire post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] 81-162-3433-92-92-362-252-21-362-643-362-92-71-3433-92-24014-492-642-92-5123-642-51-362-643-362-92-362-92-643-41-162-81-162

[2] fmkliouiusnwcshietevnoyi

[3] r2x5nqretsqm7aeesb7

Code #1


All numbers, notice any relation between the last digit and beginning digits of each numbers ?

[hint]You might want to phone a friend[/hint]

Code #2


24 characters, seeing some letters that can spell numbers.

Code #3


Code seems reversed but too many characters in the prefix

[hint]- – There is a substitution in that code but not the keyword…[/hint]