Where Ideas Come From

3 codes where hidden in the Where Ideas Come From post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] ataddirgredrosidtcilfnocsoahcdirgmrahetalpmetnockeesdirgleberycagelepacseworgynitsedthguohtlaitnetopeesetarapesyenruoj

[2] ohp5wpd6tp5s2etni

[3] bo37#ttu2#yme1rt

Code #1


All glyphs

[hint]Hope you know how to draw your glyphs[/hint]

Code #2


17 characters which inclus 4 numbers. Almost in the passcode format.

Code #3


Those # are there to throw you off, just a regular cipher used a lot

[hint]Those # really look like a grid right ?[/hint]