#ingressportalsurvey: Experiment Concludes on Wednesday

Looking at the source of the #ingressportalsurvey: Experiment Concludes on Wednesday post, we find these codes:

[1] a2n7dnaefetnk3gnesw3
[2] e8hsb0e0ivzxgn8eb9c5
[3] jsduhgbha8cne9i4fbg2

Code #1


The reversed string doesn’t give us a nice keyword to work with in the middle. There might be another step involved.

Code #2


Running atbash against the code gives us:


There is a keyword in the middle (react) with a weird set of characters surrounding it as the prefix and suffix.


Many of those characters are v and x, which could be interpreted as Roman numerals.


Code #3


With 4 valid digits and lots of lowercase letters present, we should try transpositions first.