The Balance of the Universe

Three codes appeared hidden in The Balance of the Universe post on the Investigate Ingress blog.

[1] uvpgtqghwdckbblcfuamjmffuvpe

[2] 7971*$fe898482*$^%87fd&%^&fafhej^^7181ei^*&$^*ei

[3] 0508060218070104000000130800040003120701110401060000021101231200040905031407061203050603

Code #1


All letters, many ciphers can be used. I usually go through my sequence: Atbash, ROT, Morse, Vigenere, Rectangles…

No luck

[hint]Well in this case, you win some, you loose some!!!


Code #2


Numbers, letters and symbols, all in pairs. 24 of them.

[hint]Think of a cipher that uses 3 type of characters and has to be divisible by 4 to make it work good.


Code #3


All numbers, nothing really stands out.

[hint]If you are thinking numbers to letters, you are on the right path. Just with a different twist.