OLW’s Power Cube Stockpiles

Three codes appeared hidden throughout the OLW’s Power Cube Stockpiles post on Investigate.Ingress

[1] X6X2869XX992X6X896979295X293X696X5X2X1X59697
[2] c99c909dcb8f9e96918b94cb8cca9d
[3] hylitzikpkbbrdqrzzwblcxfa

Code #1


All numbers except for that X that seems to appear randomly throughout the code

Code #2


Converting Hexadecimal to Ascii doesn’t give anything good but it really looks like Hex.

[hint]Atbash isn’t always A-Z[/hint]

Code #3


All letters, so many possibilities, need to try each and everyone…

Atbash? Rot? Morse? Playfair? BiFid?