There were 3 codes in the Stockpiles post on the Investigation Blog.

[1 (line 288)] aa98998fa87b8d968898ad76aa87
[2 (line 291)] ttyouuyyteyiiwyoytuuiptwiettir
[3 (line 306)] jdnjoruulruonxubsdtgmkvfu0jnuyl0t1

Code #1


At first glance, the code looks like a hexadecimal encoding, pairing up the digits:

aa 98 99 8f a8 7b 8d 96 88 98 ad 76 aa 87

However, it falls outside the range for the hexadecimal characters 0-9, A-Z or a-z, so there is more work to do with the code.

In the ASCII system, numbers (3039) have a lower value than letters (415a, 617a). Looking at the code we have, the values we have in the number positions (aa, a8, ad) are larger than all the other values.


If only there was a cipher that reverses the order…


Code #2


The letter distribution reveals an interesting subset of the alphabet:


Maybe not too interesting, however, if you change the order of them:



Maybe look down on your keyboard?


Code #3


The distribution of the letters seems slightly mixed up, but looking at letter pairs could reveal a pattern hidden in the code:

jd nj or uu lr uo nx ub sd tg mk vf u0 jn uy l0 t1

Just looking at the number positions (first, fifth, fourth last, second last) for now:

jd lr jn l0

If we assuming the code is either in hexadecimal or decimal, the J and L values should be 3 or 5 respectively.

There’s also values of 0 and 1 we need to deal with…


Maybe you want to call a friend for help?