INGRESS REPORT – Obsidian Finale: The Agents Who Made it Happen – April 7 2016

Three codes were spotted in the Ingress Report for April 7 2016.

[1] ---.. .-. ---. --.- ..... .-.- ..-. . -. .-. .-.- ....- -.-- -.... -..
[2] svfzhrvshgherqgjhrvf
[3] wopcreebuyifesneht.ism

Code #1


It is obvious that the code is Morse, but running it through a converter gives nothing useful
[hint]Maybe we have it all backwards?[/hint]

Code #2


[hint]Doing the normal first steps of decoding analysing should point you in the right direction[/hint]

Code #3


Looking at the code, neither Atbash, Rot nor the length reveals much.
This one was a bit tricker than the others, hang in there.
[hint]Try to read the string partially, only a few characters at a time, in the other direction. Notice something?[/hint]