The Traitors

There were 2 codes found in The Traitors post on the Investigation Blog.

[1] c8bdaebdccbcb0aaadbeb8baabccbecab1
[2] 1123121114125231511123121111211334115212311111132222122

Code #1


The code’s character set is 0-9a-f, which is the hexadecimal space. The code’s length is 34, which is visible by 2. Splitting up the code into pairs:

c8 bd ae bd cc bc b0 aa ad be b8 ba ab cc be ca b1


Pairs starting with c are in the numbers position in the standard passcode format (#zzz#keywordz#z#z).


Code #2


The code is a long string of numbers, all with very low values (1 to 5). Adding up all the values gives us 102, which is 6 x 17.


Usually, a long string of numbers would mean run-length encoding.