There were 2 codes in the Citadel post on the Investigate Blog.

[1] 012345565667654432110-1-2-100-1-2-1-101233210012332234554567887676654567789×99
[2] dkzrxthtesmlytsirubm

Code #1


The numbers seem to be somewhat in increasing or decreasing order, but there are weird symbols around some of the numbers (- and ×).


The dashes are next to 1, and 2, which means negative numbers, and it makes sense since it would be decreasing from 0.

The × next to the 9 probably means a 10 (Roman Numeral).


Code #2


The length of the code is 20 characters, which is below average for a string with 4 numbers. Transposition doesn’t give us anything useful.